Starting Gilenya

Woo hoo!!!

I got the call this morning that following my heart scan I can start on Gilenya next Friday :slight_smile:

I have to be at hospital at 8.00 am so have found a B&B very near to one of the Park & Rides. I usually allow 2 hours for my journey (in case of any travelling delays and to allow time to find the right ward) so it would be a very early start to be ready to leave at 6.00 am!

I am so excited! I’ve had a couple of scary moments in the past few weeks with strange occurrences with my vision and a bit of dizziness and I was a bit worried I may have another relapse as I ran out of Rebif in September. Thankfully these odd spells passed when I sat and rested for half an hour but I was a bit worried it was a sign that something was ‘brewing’.

I’m going to be like a cat on a hot tin roof for the next week :slight_smile:

Tracey xx

Good luck Tracey, wish you the best with it and hope your B&B is good and in a week’s time you can have a proper relaxing weekend! :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Good luck hunni… I am sure you will be fine xxx

Hope everything goes well x

My sil has since informed me that Addenbrooke’s has limited free overnight accommodation for patients who have trouble travelling to early morning appointments so I will ring Patient Services tomorrow and explain that it takes me a long while to get going in the morning by the time I have done some leg stretches and taken my medication.

As I am single and still supporting my budding journalist son, who only works 12 hours pw at one job and one day pw at another, any saving I can make will be a big help, especially as I’ve just had to have the brakes replaced on my car. My brother does it at cost (including the parts) but it’s still more than I can spare in the run-up to Christmas :frowning: Thank goodness I have a mechanic in the family.

Fingers crossed re the accommodation, the cheapest B&B I can find in Cambridge is £40 per night. Even Travelodges are expensive there and they have no parking and aren’t directly on the bus routes …

Tracey x

Good luck Tracey Really hope it goes well for you Gray xx

Thanks, Gray

Checked with Addenbrooke’s today. The free accommodation is for oncology patients and certain other ongoing treatments. There is limited accommodation for other patients at £40 per night but they are already fully booked for next week with 2 people on the waiting list so I’ve had to go back to the B&B. Ah well, at least I will know for the future should such a situation arise again. It’s such a shame that this was a short-notice appointment …


Good luck Tracey, what a relief, hope all goes well for you. X