Bye Bye Rebif. Hello Gilenya!So got the

So got the call yesterday saying that I start Gilenya next week! Won’t miss those Rebif injections, its only been four months of them but never got used to having to do it. The fact that the nurse said I stop Rebif straight away is a bonus.

Just one extra pill to add to the cocktail of pills I take!

I’m sorry the rebif didn’t suit you. This goes to show that we are all so very different as i have done well on rebif for seven years with no relapses.

You don’t know whats best until you try for yourself.

I hope the Gilenya works well for you. The first Gilenya has to be monitored so i am presuming you will have to go to hospital next week. Good luck and i hope the Gilenya suits you better.


Hello Tim,

Good luck with the new drug. I have been on Rebif for some years and it has been incredibly useful to me, but now it doesn’t seem to be calming the relapses anymore. My neurologist (who is so good to me and I have no complaints) seems t6o think that I would be better off with another drug, but I have no idea which one he will try next. I wish you well with the Gilenya.

Best wishes,


Just got my first dose of Gilenya yesterday! You have to be monitored for at least 6 hours to make sure your heart rate goes back to normal…I feel little tired and dizzy today but glad that i moved from injections.

Good Luck


Hi all, been waiting for Gilenya for what seems like forever,! Is there anybody in Wirral area receiving this treatment? Getting very frustrated.

I believe many of us are very interested in this. Anyone in Gloucestershire getting Gilenya??? R

Live in Gloucestershire, on Rebif still.


Spoke to ms nurse today re Gilenya treatment, guess what? Still no news on start date:-( could not tell why the delay and when treatment will commence. Now waiting 5 myths!, still reading between the lines it’s seems cost is the issue. I’ve been told not to be so cynical. Carollgees

I have been on Gilenya for 3 months now, My body has made a good response.

I am under Barts and The London hospitals. You can get it in Southend too.