help need , starting Gilenya (aka fingolimod

Hi all

Going into hospital on Thursday morning at 8am to start Gilenya , which i am really looking forward to start x, Problem is i know i will get really anxious and stressed which causes me to have diarrhoea , the hospital is about 16 miles away and i dread the thought of it .

Advice is greatly need to help me through this . Thank you all xx

Hi anon, firstly good luck with the Gilenya. I am on it and it is fab! especially the not injecting yourself bit of it! I’m sure you will be fine too. Advice re: diarrhoea - make sure you’ve had a good empty if possible before you leave (is there anything that “sets you off?” - oranges always make me want to “go”!) and also maybe take something to stop you going at the hospital - immodium or something like that maybe? On a practical note - make sure you take extra clothing in case of an accident and maybe plan a loo stop half way to the hospital if possible. I hope that the day goes brilliantly with no incidents on the heart monitor or elsewhere- take something to read as it’s a boring day! Good luck to you - sending positive vibes xxxxx