Starting Copaxane

Well here we go I have managed to put it off using pregnancy and babies as an excuse but I started yesterday.

My god does it hurt when you inject I am hoping its my rubbish technique and things get better the nurse did it yesterday but now its me .So far though no real side effects just a bit sore I am hoping to get my MS under control so I can go back to work at the end of maternity leave in January at least part time.

Ellie x

Hope it’s going well Ellie. I started rebif injections this week. So far so good :slight_smile:

Well don you. I started copaxone at end of jJuly and it does get less painful or you just adapt to that type of pain. On my last cycle of sites I started injecting in my arms and they are painful but all the other sites are now ok, legs give me grief but they now only swell don’t have the pain as well. The swelling has gone by morning. It is now just part of my life Good luck tomorrow with your next injection Barney