Starting a new treatment

Hey everyone (first post)
I’m 32 and was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago I had 30 lesions and just got mri results to confirm I have a new one , I was on rebif and put on 3st and my hair fell out then copaxone and I took an allergic reaction to it , my MS nurse wants me to research for a new treatment to go on and everything I seem to look at scares me. I know people will say doesn’t matter if u put weight on and loose ur hair it’s stopping u get lesions but I’m a young women and if this does happen I would end up super depressed and wouldn’t leave the house :woman_facepalming::weary: please can someone help :woman_facepalming:

So sorry to hear this and I totally understand. What treatment are you on now, I wasn’t sure from the post?

I was on rebif and it made me gain so much weight and really bad hair loss then I was on capaxone and took a reaction but atm I’m on nothing just my pain relief from my own GP .

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I try to step back a bit and imagine instead that I am trying to help a friend to think things through, assess risks and benefits figure out what most important to her, etc. Just that little bit of detachment, even though it’s imaginary, can open up a little bit of clearer air to think calmly in.

Are they planning to try you on others? Sending love.

They are wanting to start me on aubadgio but I’m really reluctant as main symptom is hair loss :woman_facepalming::weary:.

Hey , just an update , I have been on tecfidera now for a few months and it’s working great for me so delighted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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