Switching from Tecfidera

I’ve just made the switch from Tecfidera after 3.5 years. It was causing hair loss that I couldn’t tolerate anymore and I never did stop getting the flushing either so had finally had enough.

I’ve just started on Copaxone. I’m incredibly nervous about it. Feel like the only person that’s ever made this switch! I chose C as have been stable a long time and read that it becomes more effective the longer it’s taken, so was hoping that if I could keep stable on it for a couple of years, it would then be working as well as something more potent, but with fewer nasty side effects.

After feeling horrendous the last two days with my residual symptoms through the roof I’m now really doubting this choice, although I guess any new drug wouldn’t be working yet.

If anyone has any experience of Copaxone or coming off Tecfidera and changing to something else I’d love to hear how it went.

So anxious at the moment, haven’t worried about my MS like this in a long time.