Sunday Feeling/Tecfidera


I hope you are all having a good weekend. I take Avonex (at the moment) and inject on a Sat night resulting in Sunday’s not being as good as they once were. I am wondering if changing to Tecfidera will resolve this even slightly?

I saw the Dr on Tues and he thought the heavy feeling in my left leg and me having to make a more conscious effort to lift left foot to clear door treads etc was my MS and that I should have steriods. The GP phoned Specialist Wed morning who agreed and I was told Pharmacy would have them Thurs/Fri I phoned Fri morning after not hearing and was told special order so wouldn’t be until Tues this week.

I will find out in a couple of weeks if Tecfidera will be available. Just wondering if anyone else has switched?


hi tracey

i switched from copaxone to tecfidera because my injection sites were a real mess.

tecfidera has side effects of gastro problems and flushing.

the gastro problems were rough at first but if you take your tec halfway through a meal you should be fine.

the flushing looks like an instant suntan at first but can develop into prickly heat therefore try an aspirin before your tec and an anti histamine if your flush is severe.

good luck

carole x

Thank you Carole, do you find Tecfidera better than Copaxone?

Hi Tracey hope you’re not too rough after last night’s shot.

I am also on Avonex and have been for 7 long years now but i am in the process of changing to Tecfidera.(See specialist 3 weeks tomorrow in York after having had new MRIs and bloods done)

I’m changing because i still get the flu like side affects which can also make my MS feel worse…more pain in hands, heavy legs, zombie like moaning and groaning, you get the picture. This can last up to 2 days but does wear off eventually, but it’s rubbish.

If your leg doesn’t recover after a couple of days then to me it doesn’t sound like just Avonex side affects but probably a relapse or infection running you down.

Hope this clarifies your thoughts a little.

Take it easy.

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