Avonex to Tecfidera


Im hoping someone might be able to help. I have been on Avonex since Aug 2011 and it has been recommended I move to Tecfidera.

i don’t know anyone personally who has had either meds and when using the Internet to find out more mixed reports. After 4 years I still get freezing cold and banging headaches which make the day hard, although only once a week whereas Tecfidera will be tablet twice a day.

Has anyone else swapped?



hi tracey

i was on copaxone for 6 years but my injection sites were awful.

my ms nurse was appalled by them and put me on tecfidera.

i am almost a year into this now.

i had side effects at first but now they have calmed down and rarely affect me.

give it a go tracey.

you will be given one pack of 100mg and one of 200mg. (approx because i can’t remember the exact figures).

you only take the low dose for the first week but then go up to the high dose in the 2nd week.

the side effects hit me when i started the higher dose.

however i found ways round them as follows.

take the tec halfway through a meal so that it is trapped between two lots of food.

don’t fret as to the type of food just be comfortably full.

take an aspirin to avoid the flushes.

the flush itself just looks like you’ve been on a sunbed but mine develops into prickly heat so the aspirin and maybe an antihistamine is essential.

oh and omeprazole because it made me feel nauseaous.

good luck and just enjoy not having to inject!#

carole x

Thank you Carole, I am just waiting to find out what tests I need done before starting treatment and dosage. I work full time so I am concerned by the possible side effects of an upset stomach/hot flushes as have managed to keep the Avonex effects to the weekend. I am just hoping side effects are controllable or short lived.

Have you noticed any positives from drug change?


hi tracey

i have regular check ups with my ms nurse and nothing untoward has happened.

i have no new lesions.

i feel about the same as before.

it’s good to know that tecfidera has a better outcome re relapses than the injectables.

you’ll be fine.

if you get omeprazole any upset stomach will be eased.

aspirin and ati-histamines for the flushes.

good luck

carole x

Hi Tracey

I switched from Avonex to Tecfidera last year. The ‘flu’ symptoms which are common with Avonex never went away and I felt rough for two days every week.

Tecfidera has been great for me - no side effects at all (although I know some do) and no relapses yet (fingers crossed). Really pleased I changed.

Hope it all goes well for you