Treatment decision?? Again!

Hey everyone, Needing your advise. I’ve had MS for about 7years. I haven’t settled on a treatment. I have been on 2 so far. Rebif and Tysabri. I’ve had allergic reactions to both and am now just really lost and don’t know what to do? Sideffects are major to me! But it seems like every Ms treatment has som pretty awful effects! Any suggestions? My experience with Rebif has totally turned me off Beta Inteferon that coupled with reading and seeing the sideffects of other treatments. You get to thinking ’ Will I ever find something?

Oh sorry for misspelling “side effects”!

What about copaxone. I used it and found it had no side effects. X

Well it has been talked about before by my neuro so I think I will end up on that. I am scared about the huge sinkholes its none to give. Did you have any such chide effect yourself.LisaC?

Well LisaC I think that’s what I will be on. It was recommended by my Nero to go on if Tysabri wasn’t good for me. Reading and looking there is a side effect of like sinkholes around the body. Did you experience that?

I wasn’t on it long enough to experience any dents in my skin as I got pregnant so had to come off it. I guess you’ll just have to try it out and if you get skin reactions then reassess your options.