Stair lift

We’ve had the OT out this morning to look at any adaptations we may need.

They are going to give us a stair lift for free on long term loan. We’re not eligible for financial assistance for other major changes we may need (like the bathroom) so it was a lovely shock to find out there is no cost to us for this.

It’ll take about 8 weeks for the paperwork and things to get sorted and then I’ll have my very own, if rather tame roller coaster ride!!

Hope the heat isn’t being too uncomfortable for you all!

Sarah xx

Oh Sarah how exciting! Fab news. It will make a huge difference!

I’m so well set up for the heat that it’s not being too much of a problem… time to plunge my feet into cold water again!

Pat x

I love my stairlift

Great news Sarah - I hope it really makes a difference but is lots of fun too! Teresa xx