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I just wondered if anyone could help me?

My husband and I are debating moving to Staffordshire and there is a lot about Stafford hospital in the news at the moment. I used to live in Stafford years ago and even though I was happy with my GP I didn’t have a lot of faith in the neuro I saw.

I currently live in Brentwood in Essex and the NHS trust is brilliant. I have regular check-ups with a very good neuro, there are 2 MS nurses who are excellent and I’m currently having a course of physio appointments organised through my doctor. No complaints there.

Can anyone in the Stafford area please tell me what their care is like and whether they’re pleased with it? I’m trying to work out whether it should go on my ‘for’ or ‘against’ list for moving!

Thanks in advance for any comments.


Hi, I cant comment on Stafford hospital, but you do sound more than happy and fortunate to have excellent healthcare where you are.

As your healthcare may increase, as is often the case with MS, although not always, I`d think carefully about moving away.

luv Pollx

I don’t live there, but I would have thought a hospital that’s already under intense public scrutiny, following a scandal, would be one of the safest places to go at the moment. A bit like it’s safest to fly right after a big air crash, because there will be a lot more focus on safety - anyone who’s got a bit complacent will be reviewing their practices.

How many undiscovered “Staffords” are there? I don’t think it’s the discovered ones we need to worry about, as they’ll already be pulling out all the stops to avoid any repetition.


Thanks Poll and Tina, you both make good points.


Hi I live in Stoke on Trent, which is near to Stafford. I think about 10 - 15 miles approx. A lot of the patients who attend the uni hospital of north staffs are from Stafford and even further afield. We have a superb team of neuros, and ms nurses. I think it is probably one of the best and they have a research department for ms and of course we have our ms society group. Let me know if you need any more info Helen

Thanks Helen, that’s really helpful.

It’s reassuring to hear - my family live in the Midlands so moving back that way is tempting.


I live in Stafford, have an MS nurse at both Stafford and Stoke UHNS I prefer Cannock hospital(quiet and serene) to either, although neuros’ are fine at Stoke, Stafford is not a prescribing centre for DMDs, so you would be referred to Stoke. Physio at Stafford (depends what you expect) I don’t do physio, although have tried it twice and was told that I just ‘lack confidence’…enough said! nurses are v. nice at both. I honestly would suggest you have a trip up, have a look at the hospitals and where you might fancy in Stafford, definitely have a look at the proposed HS2 route,online, it’s tearing up big chunks of Staffordshire, 431 metres from our front door to the centre of the tracks and knocking down 17-21 properties in the village, another village will be totally gone. I do have my own feelings about the hospitals but I think it’s unfair to influence you as obviously I have a lengthy experiene with both Stoke and Stafford, some good some bad.

Staffordshire is a beautiful county, where ar you thinking about looking, any particular part of Stafford?there is a website Staffordforum, if you want to canvas some local opinions

Alison x


Helv, do you have any idea why they have put quite so many benches outside the new hospital? might have been better dropping a few kerbs lol!

Alison x

I agree, Stafford and Stoke MS nurses are great. If you live outside Stafford in one of the vilages it can take an hour to North staffs.

Thanks for that Helen, I hadn’t thought about the HS2 route at all. I agree that Staffs is a beautiful county, we were looking at one of the villages like Yarnfield or Weston. Very early stages though, we just can’t make a decision! Obviously job availability is a major part, particularly for my husband, and he hasn’t got the same family pull to the area as me. The house prices are really good though compared to down here in Essex (also a beautiful county, despite TOWIE invasion).

Thanks HJ, good to hear that the nurses are good - I’m not sure there even was one at Stafford when I lived there in '97 and was first diagnosed.

Lisa x

Hi Lisa, Weston won’t be too bad HS2 going through Yarnfield though. Haywoods, Colwich, Hopton, Marston, Swynnerton all blighted it’s going straight by the County Showground. No there wasn’t an MS nurse in '97, you had to go to Cannock for steroids and physio and to see a neuro specialist nurse (not just MS nurse) I’m sure you will have seen the same neuro as I did though, she is still there!

Alison x

Hi Alison,

I can’t believe the route goes through so many lovely villages, what a shame. Hope it won’t affect you too badly.

I think I vaguely remember going to Cannock to see an MS nurse in the late 90s, it’s good that they now have one in Stafford though. I think my husband and I are leaning towards staying put for the time being, we’re quite well settled and it would be a big upheaval.

Thanks to everyone who’s posted though, it’s been a big help!

Lisa x