st george's day

my nan was born on st george’s day.

she would have been 118 today.

happy birthday nan.

carole x

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Its our wedding anniversary too!

23 years.

Congratulations Treek!

Our patron saint’s day usually sneaks past virtually unnoticed!

It’s also Will Shakespeare’s birthday!


That’s so funny, it’s what I always say too. I don’t know anyone else who also feels the need to comment on that fact.

Sue x

My neighbour has run the Union Jack up her pole.

A true patriot, she does this at every opportunity; it’s doubling with the queen’s birthday this week.

It’ll be up again if May wins the general election (perish the thought!).



i totally agree.

who needs a Tory T…t?

carole x

happy anniversary treek

Thank you catwomancarole58

Teresa. x

I cooked roast beef. Rhubarb crumble for dessert. Get in.