SPMS quick deterioration

A long time since I have posted but my MS is getting so bad but very quickly. So I have tried to stay quite fit, I swim, walk the dog, do Pilates and occasionally even visit the gym. Then over two months it’s just gone. I can’t swim as far, I can hardly walk back to the car, I walk so slow now, I can’t pick up my feet. Has a quick deterioration happened to anyone else? I don’t understand why I am really trying to keep myself healthy.

You definitely need to flag this up to your MS Nurses and/or Consultant. In my area, a call to the Nurses may be the quickest way of getting you “in-play” - perhaps yours is the same? Normally steady, they will really want to know that your disease progression may be changing.

If you’re transitioning from RR to SPMS, at the very least they’ll want to review your DMT’s. Make that call!