40 years with MS - Sudden deteriation?

An imediate family member has had MS for 40 years now, recently they have had a deteriation which due to its sudden nature is scary for me to witness. They can no longer stand up and is wheelchair bound due to the difficulty in even getting out to the car or sleeping in a proper bed. It is causing them pain just sitting in their wheelchair and they have lost a lot of weight.

Their legs are spasming/locking with cramp due to sitting still etc.

This person is quite stubborn when asking for help and researching what help there is out there, I know a doctor has visited and they are being treated with pills.

Id like to know if there are any tips to relieve these symptoms?

Is there hope that this is just a bad spell? (its lasted a couple of months now)

And what help/treatment is out there to help MS? Any help in this would be appreciated

Hi again Mexi - sorry I spelt your name wrong before.

You might want to look at this nearby discussion, which deals with a very similar topic:

IF deterioration has been sudden and dramatic, in contrast with the general rate of progression so far, it’s possible the person has an infection or other health issue not directly related to the MS.

It’s difficult to say more, without knowing what the doctor has already done. If the pills are antibiotics, it might mean an infection has already been identified as the culprit, and is being treated.


Hello Mexi

There’s an helpline number on this site that you can ring for advice. I have used it in the past…they are lovely and will be happy to listen to what you have to say.

I don’t know what age range your in or how your related to this person. Its difficult to really help someone if there of sound mind and capable of making their own decisions. All you can do is let them know you’ll be there for them.

Its great that you care so much for them. I hope they take you up on your offer of help.

Take care, Noreen xxx