Spirulina is it good or bad for us with MS?

Hi, I haven’t been on here for quite some time, my symptoms have been nice and quiet, until now! Sent myself home from work today due to dizziness and feeling nauseous. The thing is, I’ve been taking spirulina for about 2 weeks, and have been feeling a little dizzy for about 2 weeks, coincidence? I’ve read good and bad things about spirulina, saying people with MS should not take it as it can interact with the immune system and make symptoms worse. Does anyone else take this as a supplement or has any one had good or bad experiences with it?

Hi Shirley,

I did take Spirulina for several weeks with no ill effects, my only problem was swallowing the tablets - they are huge!

With Regards, Julie.

Hey Julie Have you felt any better? I’ve been taking the powder version. Just trying to get a handle on these dizzy spells, probably nothing to do with spirulina at all, just seemed a bit of a coincidence.