Spine MRI today

So after almost 5 months I am having an upper spine MRI. I’m a little nervous as I have constant pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back, as well as the hand, arm and foot cramps. The neurologist said he hopes it’s not inflammation on the spine and also said it could be something to do with the COVID jab??? Funnily enough everything started 4 days after my jab, could be coincidence??? Anyway In a way I hope they do find something so I can finally have a diagnosis but if not I’m still in this land of limbo that so many are living in. So I’ll just try and relax for the rest of the day, 2 days off work in this beautiful but hot UK weather.

Are you nervous about getting the MRi or getting the results?

Hope you get some answers. Limbo land is so difficult.

Hiya. I was nervous about both. I actually fell asleep during the MRI but I put that down to the day I had, it’s been so hot here and I had been up early.
I am worried about the results as I have had problems with my neck, shoulders and upper back since all the symptoms started.
To make matters worse I got a copy of the letter from the 10 minute consultation I had previously with the neurologist and he’s put in it that I am not at all tired ??? :flushed:. I can’t wait to see him face to face as I feel I didn’t have the opportunity to tell him all my symptoms, it would have taken a lot longer than 10 minutes.
Anyway waiting again now for some results xxx