Spinal sensations

Apologies if this subject has already been raised. I get what I can only describe as electrical shocks down my spine which cause me to stretch and twist my legs unnaturally. It is worse in bed and invariably results in cramp and I have now ended up with a very painful twisted knee. Does anybody else have a similar problem and if so is there any medication that helps suppress it?

This sounds a little like Tonic spasms, have you tried Baclofen?

Jan x

Hi, I would also mention baclofen…it eases spasticity and stiffness. I sometimes get what feels like an arching back, which travels through to my legs and feet. But it doesnt happen too often.

There`s no need to apologise as we all have the need for questions whenever things arise.


Thank you for your response Janhhh and Boudica 405. It’s nice to know that I am not unique. Having done some research as a result of your replies I have come across “Lhermitte’s” which seems to have some relevance. I will now look into it further prior to having a word with my GP. Thanks again and best wishes.


i take clonasapam for night time spasms yours sound a bit like mine very effective