Spinal Myoclonus and MS

Hiya, this is my first time posting! I wondered if anyone had experience with spinal myoclonus?
I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2021 after vision problems, an MRI with some lesions and spinal tap. I’m on Brabio injections.
I’ve been stable for 18 months, but around springtime started experiencing involuntary jerks from my pelvis/lower back area. They’re never painful and fairly minor. Initially it would happen when I was lying down, but then started happening whilst I’m sitting and even standing, making me jerk upwards - its a bit embarrassing. When it happened a lot my back got a little sore.
I saw the doctor about a month ago and we started a trial of Baclofen which helped reduce them. I came off it for a couple of weeks whilst I sorted a repeat prescription, but this week my lower back started seizing up, becoming very painful. One day I was totally incapacitated and needed Diazepam and Naproxen to even move again. But other days its totally fine. The jerks have continued throughout.
After ruling out a back injury, my doctor mentioned spinal myoclonus. Does anyone else have this? Currently the plan is to try and control the jerks with an increased dose of Baclofen, but I want to know if they’ll ever go away and how I can protect my back in the future. Thank you

Hi,sorry but no, Not heard of it. Sounds awful for you. Dont think it’s a typical MS thing…but you never know!