spinal lesions?

My diagnosis is not yet confirmed but many of my symptoms fit with MS. I have abnormalities on a brain MRI which may or may not fit with MS (depending on which Dr you speak to).

During a meeting with the MS nurse today, she and I both noticed that although multiple scans show no new lesions, despite fluctuating symptoms (which they’re taking as evidence it’s not MS) nobody has ever scanned my spine, so we don’t know whether the lesions I have are just in my brain or whether I have spinal lesions too.

My symptoms are mainly tingling/parasthesia in my right lower leg, sometimes also my right arm, fatigue, dizzyness/balance issues, memory problems.

Does anyone have any idea how likely it would be for me to have spinal lesions with these symptoms?



Hi Angs,

Can’t understand their reluctance to scan your spine. Here is a map of the spine and where a lesion occurs usually means a problem in the area indicated

Fatigue, dizziness/balance issues, memory problems are probably cognitive functions.