Spinal anesthetic

Hi, I wondered if anyone else had been affected by spinal anaesthetic. I had my baby by emergency c section on 30/7. They gave a spinal and since then my legs have been weak and painful, esp after getting up from bed or sitting on the floor. My gp & Neuro say it is the affect of the spinal on my ms. If anyone else experienced this, how long did it last?? Thanks, Laura

Hi Laura, When I had my first I had 2 spinal epidurals the 1st one went wrong!! But then had. To be put under for them to deliver (emergency section) and funnily enough I was diagnosed with MS not long after, I’m still convinced it was the 1st spinal that went wrong that caused my MS but docs say not. I too suffered as you are doing but didn’t stay like that for long, until I went on to have my son 4 years later, and I had a severe relapse where the whole of my body from my chest down was affected, this lasted 18 weeks and since then I have never regained full feeling in my legs and that’s 14 years on! They are even worse if the weather is extreme too hot/too cold. I hope you start to feel an improvement soon. Sue x


Sorry that you are not so good at the moment and to be honest I can’t offer you an answer, but in repsonse to Sue my first spinal also went wrong and I was diagonsed with MS shortly after. Coincidence?


Michelle, Makes you wonder dosen’t it?? But then don’t suppose anyone would admit because of liability to sue etc Sue xx