Speech impacted

I have just had a relapse which impacted my speech, i now what i want to say but can’t get it out. Or i stutter
I have a meeting with occupational health next week before i go back to work. Should i be asking for support what should I be asking for
This is new for me any guidance if welcome

Not unusual in some MS cases, unfortunately. Have you reported to the MS nurse? Just explain things exactly how you did here, they will certainly understand.

Note that sometimes not being able to find the right word is just plain fatigue. Did you ever have similar issues before?

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Hi Chucky, when you say a meeting with Occupational Health, I take it that you mean with your employers OH? If I were you I would have a look at the relevant section of the MS Society website ( also that of the MS Trust) and also use their helpline. MS counts as a disability and employers are required to make ‘reasonable’ adjustments to accommodate the needs of disabled people

You are entitled to seek help from a speech and language therapist, your GP can organise this.
They will give you coping strategies and manoevres. Being fatigued can make speech harder, so rty not to get too tired. Im sure work will be understandable. good luck