Speech disappearing

My ability to talk leaves me on occasion It happened a fortnight ago, lasted 2 days, turned into a stutter for 3 days then came back normal again. Its happened again over the last couple of days. My wife loves the silence but as a West Ham supporter I have lots to shout about! Is it something I will have to get used to or is there something I can do to improve it?


You do need to get a professional opinion about this (GP or MS nurse) to find out what is causing your speech problem.

They can refer you to a speech therapist who may be able to help.

Good Luck


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Crikes…that`s scary innit?

Yeh, as AnnieB says, you need to see a speech therapist.

If my voice packed up my hubby would think its great....not me tho…I am very vocal…as you can probably tell!

luv Pollx

When I had my first catastrophic relapse it gave me slurred speech as well as pole-axing my ability to walk. So much so that my GP’s first thought was that I had had a stroke.

Although those first horrific speech problems have gone I do still find that on occasion my speech is very hesitant and I stumble over simple words. Coupled with the effect of bad Cog-fog this has had a MAJOR adverse effect on my life - not much of a career open to a professional advocate (Barrister) with a side-line as a semi-pro stand-up comedian (yes, I genuinely was :() when she cannot speak coherently and sounds p****ed a lot of the time.

My MS nurse at the time (bless her) referred me to a speech therapist at the hospital who was very helpful at providing coping strategies for bad days etc but there was a limit to what she could do (in the same way that my neuro-physio couldn’t get me up and running marathons with Mo Farrah).

The other problem is that there is a general shortage of speech therapists in the NHS. A lot of the service has been cut with, perhaps understandably, the main concentration of funds being towards child services.

My situation is not the normal one - nobody’s is of course - as, although I am still classed as relapsing-remitting, my remissions are NEVER a return to the pre-relapse position. A (small) improvement is the best I can expect.

Don’t worry though. I can still give my Other Half up and down the banks when need be and, although I am not able to shout for the Hammers that is because I am a died in the wool Toffee rather than my MS :slight_smile:

Sometimes I speak and no one hears…

That’s cos they’re too busy talking about themselves carraboy… :wink: