I am on baclofen and also take magnesium, however my spasticity is really impacting at the moment. This is in my right calf and Achilles but driving me potty. I am just wondering if anyone recommends anything else. I have read Valium May be a good anti spasticity medication?

I have also also recently been diagnosed with hashimoto and this is far from stable. I noticed this spasticity became worse around the time my thyroid started misbehaving so this may be the cause for some of it.

Just would appreciate advice from others?

thanks Lisa xxx

Hello Lisa

Not that I’m an expert, but I wouldn’t expect thyroid ups and downs to affect spasticity. (I have had an overactive thyroid and now am underactive.)

How much Baclofen do you take? And have you tried magnesium oil applied topically to your leg? Many people use it for precisely this problem.

I take Baclofen (between 60 and 80 mg per day) and also use Cloneazepam for spasticity, primarily in the afternoon, evening and before bed. It isn’t completely spasm proof, and the Cloneazepam wears off by morning (so I wake up to painful spasms), but it’s bettr than just Baclofen alone.

I wouldn’t have expected a doctor to prescribe Diazepam on a long term basis because of its habit forming potential. For some reason they don’t have a problem with Cloneazepam. But then I’ve been using it for several years and the same dose still works for me.

There are other drugs you could try for spasticity, some people use Dantrium (Dantrolene). You might be better off trying a different drug like this if Baclofen isn’t doing it for you. Or try and change the times you take your Baclofen. Work out when the spasms are at their worst and take the Baclofen in time to stop the spasms from starting. I have found that taking Baclofen to prevent spasms is more effective than taking it once they’ve started.

Best of luck.


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Hi, I don’t have spasms just spasticity and no pain. I’m quite severely overactive and my thyroid antibodies are sky high, all this cause flu like aches and like with infection it is felt this could be starting my spasticity off again. I had HSCT nearly two years ago and following this most of my spasticity went and walking really improved. This spasticity has only returned since my thyroid started playing up. Pre HSCT I was on baclofen and that didn’t seem to work but I also has it in my left leg, had sensations all over legs and feet. These have not come back. I used crutches then But haven’t since however due to the stiffness I have been using my walking pole when needed. I will see about trying something else. I am only on 10-20mg of baclofen plus magnesium supplements, so I wonder if this maybe needs increasing. I take it in the morning as it’s the day when I’m stiff, and when I sit for too long I’m like the tin man … haha. Right leg just doesn’t want to bend nor does the heel want to lift/bend. Night time isn’t an issue at all. Xxxx

Hi Lisa

I get Botox injections into specific spastic muscles in legs. This can turn off/calm the spasticity for up to 3/12.

I found out about this through my physio, so do ask. This may really help. It does me.

All the best Boojumxxx

it does me.

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