Spasticity and sensory pain in hands

Hi All

I have been recently diagnosed with RRMS. My hands have been affected in particular I have stiffness and acute sensory pain in the 3/4/5th fingers and the palms of my hands,which affects basic daily activities. I am currently weaning off of Pregabalin which hasn’t helped and due to start Duloxetene. Just wondered if anyone had the same issue and had found medication or perhaps a homeopathic remedy that has helped. I currently use a very scientific method to soothe the pain i.e a bag of frozen peas!! Thx for reading.

Hi have tried magnesium spray for spasticity? or CBD Oil, magnesium spray is really good for spasticity also CBD Oil is good for pain, I find cannabis is better for pain.

I had acupuncture before for leg spasticity and it worked really well.

But generally I take baclofen muscle relaxant 10mg, sometimes 20mg for any spasticity or pain and it really does work wonders for me in my legs and arms.

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I’d definitely check out Baclofen for spasticity. I was completely unaware of spasticity as an issue until my MS nurse came upon with it. Now I’m taking it my walking has improved drastically and it helps with my stiffness in shoulders and arms too. I think my hands may have improved too but haven’t been focused on that. I get similar hand symptoms but thankfully the intensity dropped significantly in remission so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thank You! Much appreciated.

Thank You! I hadn’t heard of magnesium spray but will check it out - do you use a particular brand?

Thank You!