I am writing on behalf of my sister who has had MS for over 20 years. She is termed as Relapsing/Remitting MS, though with aspects of secondary MS. She is currently on an EDSS rating of 7.5, though to qualify for any medication or trials, she needs to be 0-6.5 to qualify for any drugs.

Her main concern and one that causes her the most pain is her spasms. She wakes up in the night screaming and my family and I feel helpless. We can’t imagine what she is going through. The medication she has been prescribed only offers limited relief (Pregabalin) and leaves her in a fatigued state. She also takes Clamazapam. She also suffers from pins and needles.

Does anyone know of any alternative medication she can use to ease her spasms?


I’m not too knowledgable on medication but I take Baclofen for my spasms as do many others. Has she discussed this with her MS nurse? her Nurse is the person who should be advising her.

Hope she finds something that works for her soon.

Jan x

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I am on Gabapentin (2400 mg) and Amitriptyline (20 mg at night) plus D3 (currently 1600 iU per day) - I haven’t had spasms but I do have serious ‘electric shock’ like pain at night, bad enough to make me yell and jump/curl into a ball/punch the pillow/bed etc. I haven’t been woken by pain since I started on the Amitriptyline.