Spasms getting bad - why??

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with RRMS for 2 years however lately my spasms especiallly in my legs and toes are getting pretty bad. ?Moost of m symptoms previously i hav e been told are sensory symptoms mainly although i do suffer with the dreaded incontinence and bowel issues!! The wosthingabout this stupid MS is that i never know if things are progressing and i wonder if this may be a sign???

Maybe but there again maybe not, could be the weather it’s been hot and I am hardly managing baby steps and can’t lift either foot just dragging them. DON

Yes, im the same, trouble lifting the legs, right leg worse brain says go leg says no, and I fall forwards if not careful, had heavyish legs for months with waist and lower back pain, if I lay in a bath for instance, can’t sit up to reach taps, like no stomach muscles, but it’s got worse in the last month since been to Spain 2.30hr delay in hot airport on way home, and warm now home, heat has only this year started bothering me, very annoying as I love to sunbath, doh.

Sorry, ment to say, contacted my ms nurologist, she has put it down to a mild relapse, and put me on oral steroids 15 days,