South Birmingham people

Hi all, I was diagnosed about two months ago and generally speaking I have taken it well. The last couple of weeks have been more difficult as I don’t feel that I can really talk to anyone about it or I can but that people don’t understand.

Anyway, it got me thinking that a support group of some form would be helpful and I wondered whether there was anyone from the South Birmingham area that would like to connect or whether you know of any local groups? I have my first MS nurse appointment on Monday so I am going to see if there is anything through my local hospital as well.

Thanks in advance


Try popping your postcode in the “near me” facility at the top of the page and it should come up with local support groups.

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Hi Hannah, I live south of Birmingham, in Studley. Feel free to add me to your buddy list and private message me. I don’t go/belong to any support groups, work full time and have been lucky so far with my MS history. I was diagnosed 10 years ago after 2 relapses close together and not had a big relapse sice then, until this year and have an appointment with my neurologist beginning of sept re treatments. Are you under the QE or Coventry? As I live just in warwickshire I have to travel to coventry to see my neuro but received my diagnosis at the QE and due to the postcode lottery change I had to switch hospitals!! Absurd really as the QE is only 15 miles away but Cov is 30!!! Hope you are well. Sharon x

Hi Hannah,

I live in south Birmingham - I believe there is a support group in Northfield . I haven’t been to it as I work full time at present ( I know I am lucky in this respect ). Since receiving a definite diagnosis 2 years ago I have become acquainted with a few people also with MS and find this helpful as people who don’t have MS can’t really understand this condition eg the niggly things that cause you to think is this MS or just an ache that will resolve with a good nights sleep.


Hi Hannah, I live in south Bham and I believe there is a support group in the Northfield area . I haven’t attended it myself so don’t know how helpful it would be for you.

Good luck !


Hi All,

I was diagnosed back in sept 2010 and live south of Birmingham. I was hoping there is a group around King’s Norton that can help me in the next couple of weeks to fill in a government form for pip.

Is there a group or person that can help me. Please or can anyone point me in the right direction



Make an appointment with Citizens Advice they will fill the form in for you.

Jan x