Newly Diagnosed

Hello Everyone, I have recently been diagnosed and need to find out more about my condition, is there an active MS branch in the Solihull or Coventry area where I could meet people in the same position as me?

Hi Roger

Just wanted to say welcome to this wonderful site. There is always somewhere here to offer help and advice or even just a little chuckle, which can be just as helpful.

I can’t be of any help regarding branches in Solihull or Coventry as I live in Bristol.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x

I don’t know, but you could try clicking on “near me” above or ringing the helpline, they should be able to tell you if there is an active branch near you. Sorry about your diagnosis, but welcome on board! x

hi roger

try your nearest ms therapy centre as well as ms society branch.

the leaflets available from this site (free) are full of info on the different types of ms.

we are an exclusive club and i can recognise other members by the way they walk!

take care and smile

carole x