Sorry, need to have a covid moan

Hello everyone, so I had my 2nd half ocrelizumab infusion 24th Nov which was 5 months after my last vaccine dose. What I didn’t realise is that i’d be ineligible for the booster until mid Feb as I need to wait 12 weeks. I can handle that though…
What is prompting me to unleash my annoyances on here is that I’ve just read a news story stating that Astrazeneca double jab doesn’t work after 20 weeks so now I feel like a ticking time bomb. I’m sick of the contradictions I keep seeing and I’m beginning to wish I’d never started treatment under these circumstances.
I don’t feel like I’ve been armed with all the info about dmt’s with covid, I’m not sure if I should call my GP on Tuesday to ask if I am indeed accidentally unvaccinated!! I get the feeling I’ll be told to go away if I do.

Please tell me if I’m completely overreacting.

Paula x

This might help clarify your situation.

Covid-19 vaccines and boosters for people with MS | MS Trust

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There are a lot of scare stories about the effectiveness of the vaccines, in particular the AZ (who do not have the PR back up that Pfizer has).

You might want to have a read of this article though (which seems to have been kept rather hidden). I’ve read similar elsewhere too, and I think we are just about to get some relevant research positive info from South Africa about AZ.

The focus always seems to be just on antibodies, which form only a small part of our immune response to the vaccines. Antibodies naturally wane over time, so they will drop off. However the vaccines will also have encouraged T cell protection, and T cells last a very long time. The T cells are the heavy artillery of the immune system, they can attack the virus when it has entered cells. Antibodies can only stop the virus before it latches on to the cells.

Also I notice that you had your first two vaccinations 5 months apart. That is actually very good. The reason boosters are required are because the first two jabs for most people were too close together (often 3-4 weeks in the US, though spaced more like 10 weeks for us in the UK). The close spacing did not allow broad immunity to build up. (Everything was speeded up in the rush for vaccines.) Boosters were supposed to be after 6 months to get that broad immunity but governments panicked when omicron turned up and reduced the gap down to 3 months.

TWIV (This week in Virology) on Youtube has covered this a great deal (about the confusion about antibodies and actual immunity, and the short versus longer time between first and second vaccinations). Check out the session where Paul Offit spoke (he advises the US government) as he spoke very clearly on this (his interest is virology in children so knows how to talk in clear, understandable ways!).

Antibody levels are very easy to check - T cell levels are much harder to check and why there has been less published research on them, in relation to Covid.

You are probably better protected than you think. Do also read the news updates for MS people from Dr Giovanonni. You should find links to them under the Everyday living section on this forum.

The other thing to consider is the best masks for you in terms of protection of yourself. There were two very recent articles in the Guardian that are worth looking at, if you haven’t already seen them. In your case I’d want at the minimum FFP2, and would ideally want FFP3 for more at risk areas (and make sure that they have the proper certification - there are some with false certification). In terms of comfort and fit the Korean ‘fish’ shape ones seem very reliable. I’ve just ordered FFP2s and FFP3s in that style (they are now being made in that style in the EU btw - you don’t have to get Korean made ones).


Here’s a link to the Paul Offit discussion:

The bit on boosters starts at 20’50".

THERE is another virologist who is questioning the need for a 3rd booster so close. 'We don't need a third shot of COVID-19 vaccine': US virologist | Part. 2 - YouTube

Actually he makes a huge amount of sense, why are we basing all our information on reports from Israel who use Pfizer?

I do wonder sometimes. I am told if i have a booster i have to get pfizer not AZ which i had twice. I have family now who are triple vaccinated and they have got covid. One is quite poorly.

I just dont know anymore and quite frankly sick of it. I am housebound, so anyone who comes into my home has an LFT regularly. I wear a mask and ventilate my home.

I was due a booster they never turned up.

I wonder how much of this panic is driven by money and not by science. I think everyone should be doubly vaccinated for sure. Yes get a booster especailly if comprimised. But dont forget to be sensible too.

I saw the reverlleary in my town new years no one wearing masks, so i have taken the figures for 31st and will see what they are like in 10 days.

SARS is here to stay. I think the trouble is a lot of information is driven by greed, and misinformation. I dont think our doctors help either. they are obsessed with us being vaccinated but you try and see one when you feel ill or have an issue no chance.

Its like the news today. RIGHT. shock horror…wait for it.

In my local paper one case of the new flurona now been detected. Flurona is a case of flu and covid.


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This is a link to the news updates by Professor Giovannoni, as mentioned by Ziola. He is an MS specialist and good source of reliable information.

Omicron COVID-19 update - by Gavin Giovannoni (

Thank you Ziola, this is just what I needed to hear. Yes I have ffp2 masks and am ultra careful, totally agree about the scare mongering. Maybe that’s what’s tipping over the edge.

Thank you, that is certainly an interesting perspective as is Ziola’s vid. I’m glad I’m not the only one sick of it all, I just wish I didn’t grapple with the masses of misinformation out there.

Thanks Whammel, I kept seeing Dr G’s name cropping up, I’ll take a look at the blog.

I presume as you are on DMTs that you have been sent (or due to receive) a PCR test to have ready to use if you become unwell and have had a positive LFT, and will therefore have access to the antiviral treatment (assuming there is sufficient supply).

i am not on DMT and received mine about 2 weeks ago.

I have not had anything sent to me, no letter, no pcr test. I do now have a telephone appointment with my nurse on the 12th Jan so I’ll take that up with her along with some other things I need clarifying.

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I had my ocrevus on November 26th 2021. I had my booster on 3rd January 2022 because it was advised that the risks of not having the booster was worse than the risk of waiting longer post ocrevus.
Turns out I got covid on 19th which has been awful.

But I’d say get the booster as soon as possible if you’re offered it

sorry you got it, how do you think you did?

I’m usually very careful- I went to my god daughters birthday party and a few people got it following that unfortunately.
I’m day 10 still positive now on lateral flow but also still feel crappy

i was tested positive on the 20th january by pcr test,ix caught it from my partner whos had all 3 jabs,i have had ms 30year and unvaccinated due to gow i react badly to vaccines,i was very worried but i am getting through it ok,i have had worse things and been more ill with other things,and now i have natural immunity.

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I’m glad that you are keeping well. Take care

was no one actually sick then? I mean if people went to a party and were coughing and sneezing i would assume they would have stayed away. IF not then the were ASYMPTOMATIC. perhaps we all need to take a LFT before going to these things to stop the spread. I thought that was the idea of the LFT.

when you go to order a pack it says only use this if you DONT HAVE SYMPTOMS. if you do then PCR. yes then use the LFT if you have had covid to see if your clear.

I think the virus is clever. IMHO. i test twice a week, before my cleaner/care work comes to me and she tests too. its call protecting each other.

this virus is certainly being spread by children for sure. xxxx just glad your on the mend. x