Sorry - looking for inspiration / hope

I’m sorry, this is a proper selfish question, but I’m not sure who else to ask except people in the same/similar situation. I’ve been feeling really, well, I guess hopeless of late. It’s like I don’t know what it is I have to look forward to (long term, obviously short term I have my friends and my niece etc…), and in fact I suspect it’s gonna be really quite miserable. I have highly active RRMS. Moreover, I’m not sure what the point is of anything anymore e.g. a career. Why would I want to work towards something that I may not be able to partake in for very long, nor enjoy my retirement from when it comes? So basically - where do you guys find hope from? How do you find a bright side to all this? Can you still have a career? And why do so? What do you look forward to at the end of it all? What keeps you going? Note I don’t have any family whatsoever, so if it’s family, it isn’t going to work for me. Anyway sorry for the proper big moan, but thanks for any answers.

Forest x

Hello Forest

Thats a tough question you’ve asked.

I have family, who obviously help. I had to give up my nursing career because of ill health before I was diagnosed with ms.

My positivity comes from within me…its just the way I am. I get my down days but I’m always wondering what life is going to bring me next…life excites me!!

Maybe take some time to look at yourself and ask…what do you want from your life? what would you like to do next?

None of us know whats in the future forest and there is always hope.

Take care

As hard as it is sometimes i just pretend i dont have ms. I dont want it to beat me. I know what you mean about work. My job will never take my any higher than i am (i only do admin) and even if i could i doubt they would want me to do it because my memory is pants, im constantly asking them for help like how to word things and I dont feel welcome there anyway as im passed from pillar to post. I really want a new job in something different and random but wont go for it because of the ms. To be honest if i hadnt have bills to pay I would do something i loved and work part time. I guess as hard as it is we all need to be possitive and dont let the ms beat us! X


Blossom always has really good advice and ideas, so listen to what she says!

I use humour as my coping mechanism and am usually laughing at myself! (To the point that my children ask me, "Mam why do you dis yourself so much?) My children and family keep me really grounded and don’t allow me to feel too low for long!

I work in a Primary school with 4/5 year olds, and while I can no longer get down onto the floor with them, (I can get down but not back up!) they keep me mentally busy!

I think one of the most important quotes I have taken from this wonderful forum is, “I have MS it doesn’t have me!”

Stay positive, and remember it’s good to talk!

All the best

Freckles xxx

Hi forest, I can’t offer advice as such as I have had similar feelings about work. I’m a probation officer and have worked so hard in this job for ten years to get to where I am. I’m just feeling very ‘blah’ about my future in it now. The only positive spin I can put is that as it stands I am still able to work full-time so I intend to make the most of it. I hate the thought of not being able to work one day as it has always been something I’ve worked so hard for. Keep your chin up :slight_smile: L xx


There is a group in the area, but they only meet for physio, which I don’t need at present. I’m gonna make a separate post though and see if anyone would want to meet in the area outside of this.

Forest x

eee, I dunno! I`ve just replied to your post after this one and this one comes over as quite different! have you slept on your situation and woken up with a better feeling?

You entitled to a moan or vent or whatever you need hun.

No-one can tell us what the future holds healthwise…that`s a good thing really, as even if they did, it would probably be wrong.

Although your MS is active and aggressive now, it may not always be that way. Are you on any dmds? Have you been told you a re not a suitable candidate for them? Speak to your MS nurse about meds, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pollx,

Yes I am a contradiction sometimes!! I guess it’s just that - I can’t sit still for 5 minutes, so everything is SO frustrating for me when I’m given no choice about it by this stupid thing. I have to be out doing things, planning, living, doing something. Doing nothing is just arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - no!!! And I hate society’s attitude, it really doesn’t help at all. So yeah, I am a little fed up right now, but I am trying to be pro-active at the same time.

Forest x

Hey Forest, life is not always a bowl of cherries for any of us but you’ve got to find something you like doing and do it! I My other half has just walked out on me (left me for a bottle!!) and left me with no kitchen and a load of debt but hey ho, life goes on! I’m buggered if it’s going to get me down. I spend loads of time researching my family tree when I’m not at work and could join groups with a similar interest if I wanted to. You could do the same…there are loads of different groups to join if you need a bit of company. I don’t know how able you are but could you do some volunteering or something to give you a bit more purpose to your life?

I don’t mean to sound harsh so forgive me if I do but I just want to try to encourage you to get out there and have some fun! Grab life by the balls and enjoy it as much, and in any way, as you can. None of us know what the future holds, MS or no MS!!

Cheer up!

Mega hugs. xx

Laughter is the best tonic for me.

Like Jen and Freckles have said too. Laughter helps me enormously. Blossom also has an amazing cheerful attitude and her happy advice has helped me very much.

Like Blossom has said noone knows what is round the corner.

Enjoy what you have now and don’t worry too much about the future.

Shazzie xx

Stitch!! I’m sorry your husband left because of alcohol…I left my first husband due to his gambling addiction.

If you check back on this link, put me out of my nosey misery and tell me how he’s left you without a kitchen. Is that what he does for a living…fit kitchens?? Of course its non of my business…so just ignore if you prefer

Hi Blossom,

He doesn’t fit kitchens for a living but loves DIY so we ordered and paid a deposit on a new one, partly demolished the old one ready for fitting and then he walked! No worries though…I have a good friend who has a builder for a neighbour and he’s going to fit it for me.

Alcohol destroys so many relationships and mine sadly won’t be the last. So sorry to hear you had a similar problem with your ex.

Hugs. xx