Sore throat

Does anyone take a funny sore throat before they take bad, it’s just I seem to its like trigger that I am going to take unwell?? I also have had a few new symptoms including the horrible ms hug feels like a python is wrapped around me :frowning:

At least once. I guess having a slightly raised temperature could exacerbate symptoms but they could trigger a relapse

Sorry to here you’ve developed the ms hug.

Hi Kel,

It’s possible the sore throat is just an ordinary sore throat, that anyone could get, but triggers a temporary flare-up of neuro symptoms. This is common.

It wouldn’t be common to have sore throat as a neuro symptom though. Some people do get swallowing difficulties with MS, but I don’t think they usually report pain with it.

My (completely unqualified) guess is that you have a summer cold, and this is making the rest play up.



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