Sore shin!

Hi, I have a sore shin, the the one on my right side, my slightly weaker side. It feels like what I thought shin splints would feel like, but only hurts when I walk. Do you think this is MS related? My walking has slowed down slightly, but im trying to push on as I want to keep as active as I can. Sharon x

hi, wondering if it could be pain following a spasm…like cramps, they can hurt for a while after it`s happened.

have a word with gp yeh?


Its every time I walk more than 400 yards so probably not from random spasms. I was thinking my foot sounds like it slaps on the floor a bit when I step forward, maybe drop foot? Will probably give my gp a call tomorrow. Thanks Polls x

If your GP can’t help, try a physiotherapist. They can look at your ‘gait’ and decide if it is foot-drop. If so, see if your area is one that will fund FES. If they are reluctant, then you could try thinking about other ways of funding it, FES is a wonderful thing for foot-drop. Sue

Thanks Sue, is foot drop a progressive thing or does it start off just a small issue? I’m just not sure what the problem with my foot/leg is, but will go and see my gp. Thanks x

Foot-drop often starts very sneakily. You don’t notice it’s happening when it’s still at the point where it’s more of a ‘slap’ down of the foot. Or when it happens because you’re tired, or it just starts tripping you up occasionally. It’s later when you find you can’t pick up your toes that you find that the foot has well and truly dropped!! What causes foot-drop is the signal from the nerve that controls the ‘lift’ of your foot is attacked. It’s usually the perineal nerve that is affected. This runs down your leg from the knee to the foot. So the FES works by stimulating the nerve just under the knee by a battery operated device attached to electrodes which tell the foot to rise when you reach that part of a step. It’s a progressive symptom, by which I mean it gets worse with time, not that it affects people with a progressive form of MS. I hope this has helped. Have a look at Sue

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