Sore arms

My arms are in Agony I obviously try and sleep with them above my head. I know I’ve done more than I’ve done in ages. With the kids I’m chuffed with that but I’m now just so sore. Legs always get sore but my arms the muscles are just throbbing shoulders arms wrists. I can’t lean on them on the settee any more as they seize. Anyone any advice? THanks Emma x

I was started on Amitripiline in November and it seemed to make a huge difference during the night but it’s effectiveness seems to have worn off The doc put me up to 50 this week but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference I know when I’m doing stuff if my arms are lifted up that’s when they get tired sore doing stuff. When in using my phone I have it resting against my body so in not actually lifting it up so to speak x

Have u tried magnesium oil , my shoulders bad and I spray this on and it really helps xx

Hi Em I’ve been on Amitryptiline at 80mg for about 3 years now for pain management. My doc and I decided it wasn’t working when I became poorly again last Sept so started to reduce dosage and introduce Topirimate/topamax…oh boy did I then get really poorly so Neurologist wanted the Amitryptiline gradually upped again and the topirimate phased back out. The pain and spasms were out of this world so I learned from that the Amitryptiline was actually working but lots of symptoms were being masked. So sometimes the increase gradually (as that is correct way to do it) till you find the correct dosage for you might just take a while to find your comfort zone. Originally when it was first prescribed I was told by a Neuro 10mg per stone in weight…my weight has rocketed unfortunately whilst on it but think that is mixture of being immobile last year and the tabs. My pain is pooey again but hopefully will be able to get some resolve eventually x

Soz got the weight thing wrong was KG not Stones am in old money!

thanks everyone

well in on 50 but have my daughter sleeping tonight i want to make sure i can wake easily to hear her tonight

hope u feel better

i find pregabilin quite good combined with amitripiline at night i do sleep te whole night through