someone to talk too

hi everyone i am new to the forum but have been reading some of the posts recently

i had an appointment yesterday with a nuerologist she asked me questions and then did some tests on my reflexes and touch

she said that she couldnt see a problem but would send me for an mri scan

she then said she thought my sypmtoms were caused by stress and anxiety

i am so confused how can tingling and numbness, fatigue, bowel problems,coughing fits when eating, and various other problems be caused by stress.

i have suffered from deppresion on and off for years and feel i am being judged on this .

i am so upset at her attitude has anyone else been told anything like this .

Hi Pearl

Yes exactly the same happened to me and I have all the same symptoms more or less as yourself. I was dismissed out of hand initially and told stress and anxiety although nothing to be stressed about other than not being believed by the docs!

I wasn’t going to be fobbed off though as have had symptoms getting progressively worse for years and years. So went back and asked to be seen again. This time told that I had cerebral palsy and have had it all my life! So not anxiety or stress after all.

Thought ‘what a load of rubbish’ and asked to be seen again. Next time told it was epilepsy, then neuro rang me next day to say ‘sorry he had made a mistake it was not epilepsy’. The story goes on and on.

Have had MRI or head and lumbar region but all clear, apparently, so just waiting to be fobbed off again at next appointment. However, I am now totally bowel incontinent and right eye vision impaired all since last really big relapse at xmas so will absolutely insist that they listen this time.

I used to get really upset by all this but am so determined now to fight on and prove that this is not in my head.

You have to be assertive which is very difficult if it’s not in your nature to be so. It does help if you can take someone with you to appointments. I can’t as I live on my own and my family are 100 miles away but everyone else seems to go in with a buddy. I too have had depression on and off over the years for no reason and I also have rheumatoid arthritis and these factors seem to cloud everything else.

Wait and see what happens on the MRI and then ask to be seen again x

Hello, and welcome to the site

Unfortunately, your experience isn’t all that unusual :frowning: There is a condition called functional neurological disorder that can cause all sorts of neurological symptoms, even though there isn’t actually any damage in the nervous system (have a look here if you are interested:, so when a neuro has a patient who has a normal clinical exam (all the reflexes etc), they tend to mentally jump straight to a functional disorder, which can be caused by anxiety, amongst other things.

This does not mean that your symptoms are functional, just that neuros seem to have a habit of jumping to the most obvious conclusion rather than considering other possibilities.

It’s good that you’re getting an MRI though - so try not to be too disheartened. Who knows where that will take you :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for you that you get some answers soon.

Karen x