some what confused

Last year I had my 1st attack, I was told it was ms but then the more doctors I saw over the week they began to back track, it went from you have ms to you’ve had an isolated syndrome. I’ve had another attack and was told now I’ve had two its no longer isolated so its ms. The recent attack has left me walking funny my footing’s a bit off so I tend to walk into things. I’ve been reading ms for dummies, that book is awesome and demonstrated my text book reaction. What I don’t understand is what I’m feeling or not feeling. Aside from the walk I feel the same no fatigue, no tingleyness, I still love a hot bath. I don’t understand

Oh and the other thing, I’m a British born Asian very paranoid about wrinkles so always in spf 50, so what ever this is, did I do this to myself?

Hello, and welcome to the site happy2


One of only a few certainties about MS is that it is massively variable! We are all very very different - different symptoms, different severities of symptoms, different responses to meds, different triggers,.....  Unfortunately, books have to describe every possible effect of MS so it can be very confusing as we read through thinking "Oh! I have that!" and "Eh? I don't get that!" etc. The "I don't get that!" thought is probably more common too, especially in the beginning.


Have you done this to yourself? Absolutely not! There are many things involved in the development of MS including genetics, vit D3, probably the Epstein Barr virus, as well as who knows what else. Vit D3 helps, but it is not the only factor.


It takes a while to accept the diagnosis and emotions can get a bit all over the place - but we get there in the end. Yes, MS brings challenges that we'd rather not have, but it is not the end of the world. Life can still be really good.


Karen x

Thank you Karen

I had a big freak out after I saw my Neurologist from last year, I didn't really hear anything so I'm glad he sent me a letter.  I've calmed down about it for now, the disease modifying therapies team will be in contact, so that must mean he thinks I have MS. I'll freak out again when it comes to the injections.


Don't worry about the injections. I know that might seem like an impossibility, and I know I was freaked out at the time too(!), but within a couple of weeks it turned out to be a complete doddle! Honest. It's no big deal at all.