So what is my last Drink? :-)

SERIOUS QUESTION!!! Due to my MS I have decided to stop drinking Beer/Ales Guiness! So the question is what beer do I have as my last ever? Please I need your help :slight_smile:

Well, Guinness is the one with the fewest calories so, if that matters, your last drink should be Guinness. (Plus it will help towards my pension :-))

Otherwise, it has to be your favourite surely? Or will that just make you want another one?!?!

Personally, if I had to have one final glass of anything, it would have to be Dom Perignon and to hell with the cost!

Just curiosity so don’t feel obliged to answer, but why are you giving up alcohol? It’s fine for MS in general (so a recent study found anyway).

Karen x


12 years ago-long before diagnosis-I decided to give up alcohol.

The week before Christmas(2011) I was drunk for the first time since then. What happened wasnt pleasant-and I definitely wont be doing it again-EVER!

I agree with Karen-choose your fave. But are you sure it really will be your last? I understand that the odd drink or two does u good.

Ellie x

I would drink a pint of Watneys Red Barrel (now extinct), as the taste was so vile you would never want another one.

The old saying “don’t take the urine out of Watneys because there won’t be any flavour left” was very apt.

I’m not giving up alcohol guys. Just Beer/Lager Ales etc as I heard that was not good for MS. I’m going to try altering my diet and they are a no no. The odd glass of wine will still pass my lips. I do like a nice glass of vino :slight_smile:

I gave up alcohol as it did my bladder no good whatsoever. However, if I was allowed a last drink of alcohol ever, I would also have to go for the best vintage champagne I could get my hands on. I adore it! Don’t fancy Watneys at all Derek - it sounds foul. Have a bit of what you fancy Grazo - you deserve it. Teresa xx

I May be edginhg towards Cusquena. It’s a Peruvian beer. My wife and I drak it Peru while over doing a 4 day trek to Mach Pichu. We sat overlooking the Andes after three days serious trekking and sipped an ice cool cusquena and just looked out at the incredible view. True bliss :slight_smile:

Hi Grazo,

For me it would have to be a pint of Guinness,but all is not lost HP have now started putting it in there brown sauce and it is pretty good and i have it on most things,the wife draws the line at putting it on my cerial.

I am trying to buy a virtual bar, and you would be welcome there.

So i am on the lookout for some bar staff,send me your CV and i will conceder you.

Take Care.


Giving up beer?!! Your MS has really affected your decision making processes

Karen posted last month that those who drink alcohol have less relapses than those who don’t. That requires no further research to convince me

Good luck! x

Ah phew - had I read all the posts I would’ve seen you haven’t lost all sense

I agree with whoever said that, ‘Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy,’ so I’m in no rush to choose my last pint of ale just yet. Off the top of my head, it would be ‘Otter Bitter’ - a very fine drop.



If you are a bitter drinker I would suggest Theakston Old Peculiar. For that final lager it has to be Carlsberg Elephant Beer.

If it had not been for a serious non alcohol warning on my newly prescribed pain management drug then I would probably be supping a brew right now.

My message is, if you can then do. If you can’t then just dream about it. Cheers all…

Some good comments… My good pal has suggested the most apt beverage would be the fine scots Ale - Bitter & Twisted!!! Cheeky sod