so very confused and so fed up

Right I’m going to try and make this as short as I can, any help would be very much appreciated, I have posted before a while ago back in March, went to Neuro who done all tests for m s, v e p,l p, m r I, all came back clear, he was not convinced that it is not m s, said that he is going to have to do this by the process of elimination, so sent me to another Neuro in a movement disorder clinic, who was the most UN interested person I have ever met he asked some very weird questions done some very quick reflex tests then sat down and said you don’t have parkinsons, I didn’t even no that’s what I was being tested for.then he wrote something down and said right I’m going to send you to a psychotherapist, a physiotherapist, and you will also come back vBulletin to see me, I poo get h out s office feeling terrible he made me feel like I’m imagining what’s happening to me I felt like crying I still do every time I think about the questions he asked me, it’s made me so much worse it takes me a lot just to get through a normal day and now I’m just confused even more.

What’s happened and . What’s going on ?

Am I imagining all this ?

Can m s be diagnosed by process of elimination if tests have come back clear ?

Why am I being sent to a physchotherapist or even a physio ?

I just don’t understand I really don’t, surely being registered sight impaired is something I can’t make up, having someone from social services sensory dept accessing my home and adapting it I surely have not imagined, also having an occupational therapist adapt my home to to help my needs is not something I’ve made up as well.

I’m at my wits end I really am, sorry to go on and on but I just don’t no what to think.

Thank you all x

Sorry I can’t really be any help with your dx but special wishes sent to you and hope you get it sorted soon and don’t get poo poohed by the consultants just keep going back until you feel happy with what you’re being told. Take care.

Hello new user

Please don’t think because the neuro is wanting to refer you to a Psychotherapist, he is suggesting you are imagining your symptoms…this is just not true. Your free to refuse the referral but you may find it beneficial.

The physiotherapy referral, is something I had and was glad of. They can give good advice about excercises etc.

The truth is you may not have MS but you may have some other condition, so the last thing you want is to be given the wrong diagnosis. They are not sending you away are they? things are being done.

I’m sorry if I’ve missed what your trying to say here, perhaps you’ve missed a lot out. I can only comment on what you’ve written and it does seem that things are being done for you.

Take care xx

Thank you both for your replies I’m grateful, well I’m happy to hear it’s prob not m s not sure what the neuro ment by process of elimination made me think he was checking it wasn’t anything else before he gave me a diagnosis, so maybe it is something else then that looks like m s, I just wish these neuros were a little more approachable it would help a lot, but I guess they are busy. Like you said they havnt wrote me off yet, I just thought if there moving you onto phychotherapist they must be thinking it’s all in your head. But thank you both your very kind to reply x

Your welcome

A lot of these neuro’s are lacking in bedside manners. I saw one that was so rude I reported him to PALS…I don’t care how busy they are…every patient is important.

You must be feeling very stressed, it can take a long time to get a diagnosis of any kind. I hope you have good support at home?

Do you take someone with you to the appointments? it’s always best to if you can.

Noreen x

Thank you noreen xx My daughter comes with me but she doesn’t come in i ask her to stay outside because I feel I won’t be able to tell all because I don’t want to worry her any more than she already is. It is very stressful sometimes I just feel like telling all the docs and neuros to just leave me alone now, and just let me get on with things, But you no these things are sent to try us so ill just soldier on. But thanks again xx