so that was Christmas then!

Evening all!

Just had the most wonderful weekend.

Due to estranged family stuff (I know, it happens all over the place), we decided the weekend just gone, would be the only time we could get our 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren under our roof all at once.

Saturday was a week early 7th birthday party for the youngest Emily. She had a great birthday party followed by a panto…Cinderella in Halifax…oh no you didnt, oh yes we did! And what fun it was…Buttons and the ugly sisters (bet you didnt know, I played an ugly sister, when I was 11 at school in Gibraltar…ooo get you!) were amazing! The funny costumes and banter was fab!

Then yesterday, was Christmas Day at our`s. Lots of pressy opening…paper and bows everywhere…there was a very hairy scary incident, when son in law brought his 2 dogs…Flash the basset hound…he waddled in and our Sophie and Willow didnt mind too much. He relieved himself on the kitchen lino…mmm, big dog! But then Sacha, the doberman came in barking…Sophie screamed like Sacha had killed her…Willow flew upstairs and wouldnt come down…Sophie dived into my bed and shook from head to toe…Sacha and Flash were taken home…hubby was outside having a fag and thought doberman had eaten his poodle!

Oh my word!

Anyroad, then we ate and drank till we could burst…have you ever seen sprouts, yorkshire puddings and carrots on a festive buffet! Yeh? Wow!

Charade games was a hoot…i kept miming the wrong word…everyone said Poor Grandma....innit a shame?

Then we played Splat! Cream pie in the mush! Oh it was hilarious! If you wanna see me on video, log onto Facebook and put me in your search box…Pauline Bull. It`s a must!

So that`s Christmas 2015 done for us. Gonna be a long time till New Year.

Night night all.

luv Pollxxxx

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Sounds a blast" Merry Christmas Poll.

Jan x

wow poll!

you surely did party like a celtic warrior queen

now what are you planning for new year’s eve?

carole x


sounds like good memories were made!

ellie x

Oh Poll. That sounds like a brilliant Christmas. Get you playing an Ugly Sister. (I think you would make a brill fairy now).

I was in a drama group for 25 years and played principal boy for 20 of those years. Yes. Fishnets, slapped thigh and all that lol!! I’m definitely an ugly sister type now!!

Bet your family enjoyed their day with you and Sophie will recover. Bless.

Shazzie xx

Hi polly that sounds like a good time was had by all,( apart from the dogs ) we do something simmilar on the 27th everyone comes to mine and all the presents from aunts uncles cousons ect get given then like you said paper n bows everywhere.

Great fun and lots of laughs we play animal bingo each person is a cat dog ect and have to make the sound of the animal every time they put a number on the card its so funny .Then we play the yes no game where you cant answer yes or no great fun to.

Have a great day if not quite so hectic on Christmas day.


Thanks everyone. Barbara, I love the sound of animal bingo !

We had my staff Xmas lunch out yesterday and laughed loads. My 3 lasses/carers are fab! I am fortunate, I know.

Feeling a little jaded now, cos Christmas has happened for us.

Never mind. Got cruises and Llandudno to think about for 2016!