So scared/upset

Things seem to be really getting me down right now. My double vision ( I know why I have this am just waiting app) I have the buzzy/ vibration in legs which were terrible yesterday. Am laying in bed crying and petrified at getting out of bed as i know when i walk around they start again. And the more I do the more intense they get And the moving of head makes this more intense. ( am being silly arnt I) This must seem so small to what a lot if people are suffering from but am just scared, I can deal with the MS diag if I get one but am so scared its something worse!! How do you get yourself out of this :frowning: Feel like a complete wet weekend!! Didn’t sleep worrying got occupational health assessment today from my employer deep joy:( Kirsty

The vibrations etc are indescribably horrid and affect us in a deep way I think. Are you on any drugs? I’ve found a combination of gabapentin and tamadol has taken away the buzzing pretty much as well as the twitches, burning and pain in my back. Might be worth an ask?


I completely sympathise I am also absolutely petrified that it might be something more sinister causing all these symptoms. I just want to know now as I’m so scared, haven’t stopped crying the last few days.

Here’s hoping we get answers real soon x

And just to top my lack of self confidence and add to anxietys Occupational Health have refused my return to work!!! My days seem to get so much worse!!

I’m sorry love but you really dont sound ready for work anyway so they are looking out for you,not getting at you.

You are classed as unfit for work so have no guilt about this enforced rest and use it to allow your body and mind time to heal.

I’m sorry I dont remember your story dx wise but take small steps and rest/relax doing things you enjoy and feel safe doing.

Take care


I can empathise. I haven’t been diagnosed but am beginning to suspect MS. I’ve had many of the symptoms people have entioned, not necessarily all at once and they annoyingly disappear and reappear. I had double vision once, after giving birth and complications. They checked me for stroke and eventually put it down to migraine. I couldn’t walk to the loo without closing one eye (as one seemed to be looking up and the other down, though people couldn’t tell by looking at my eyes. That was just over 3 years ago and thankfully I’ve not had it since but my eyes often feel a bit out of synch, even though I have 20/20 vision. I’m also getting the tingly vibrations, feeling like someone is poking me, just random, odd sensations. All these little things together are a bit scary. I’m looking for some reassurance, too.

kmbravery: I sincerely wish you all the best. I read a very good book recently called ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne, actually all about being grateful. I know that when I shift my focus onto any little thing I can, as I tell my little daughter, ‘feel thankyou’ about, then my anxiety and depression lessen. It is a good coping strategy and the more you use it, the easier it gets. I know it’s difficult when your body keeps sending you all these confusing little messages. I’m actually glad of them because my body is telling me to take action.Just got to work out what…