So now I know!

18 months after a dx of TM and all tests being clear, today I have a dx of RRMS. New scans from 2 weeks ago show several brain lesions and one in the brain stem. I think I knew on Monday when they asked me to go in and see them, but still feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. Think I’ll be ok tho once my head is back in gear.

Hi Shuffler,

Sorry to hear of your dx of rrms, now at last you know and will be able to get on with living and stop wondering. Take care.



Thanks Janet, you’re right. Life’s for living the best way that you can. I’ll come up smiling again once I’ve got past the initial arrrrghhh!!!

Sorry for your diagnosis but you seem to be very philosophical and that will help you get your head around this. We are happy to listen if you need to chat or to rant and rave. Take things a day at a time! Teresa xx

Sorry to hear your news, but I guess it gives you some closure, which is no bad thing. Don’t forget the post diagnosis “housekeeping” - telling the DVLA and checking for critical health policies/clauses. Other than that, take it easy, be kind to yourself and give yourself time to get used to the news - it does take quite a while, but you’ll get there. Karen x

Thanks Teresa and Karen. Karen I’ve found your posts to be so informative. You obviously put a lot of time into answering peoples worries and queries. I’ve not been here long, but it seems to me that you are one of the people who make this forum a special place. So thanks from me.:slight_smile:

Thank you! Kx