So much pain

How do people cope with pain. It is so bad sometimes I just sit and cry. My doctor won’t give me anything because I am limboland and he says ms doesn’t cause pain so over the counter co codamol should work. It doesnt. Even typing hurts.

Hello and welcome.

There is most deffinantly pain with MS.Your doctor needs to go back to school I think and learn something.

There are diffrent strengths of Co-Codamol and Co-Drydamol.The ones you have bought are proberly the lower strength ones and would not cure a headache let alone MS pain.

Are you taking any other meds like Amitryptyline?

You maybe in limboland but your still entitled to medication.

I sugest you ring your neuro,s office tommorow and ask can he make a prescription up for you or ok something for you.

Do NOT just sit and take your doctors ignorance.Do not just sit there and suffer.Many in limboland have medictaion,You could have Ami,s and over time can up the dose,Baclofen is another one to help with spasms.

Ring your neuro ASAP.


Hello JellyBean yes my doctor is quite old school but I have been seeing him for 20 years and he knows everything about me. I rang my neurologists secretary on Friday and he is on holiday for the next 2 weeks so looks like I’m stuck with co codamol for a bit longer. I try to get on with things, mostly because I have to my husband works long hours and I have 3 young kids that I have to get them to school.

When you have children it is harder.I am lucky in many ways as I have only one at home.

You need something stronger than co-codamol.Ask the chemist if they have something stronger than the co-codamol.

Gosh I dont know what else to sugest.You cannot go on in pain.

Also just because your in limboland you can still have medication and any aides you may need around the home.

Is there another neuro who could recomend something?



I’m going to ring the hospital tomorrow and beg if I have to for them to give me something. Thank you for your advice it’s good to know there is someone to help. Limboland is a very lonely place

Hi Anon

Most GP’s know little or nothing about ms I’m afraid. MS can definitely cause pain but general analgesics won’t help with neuropathic pain - you need something like Amitryptiline or pregabalin (just to name two).

Whilst your GP may be reluctant to prescribe something in your neuro’s absence and whilst you’re in limboland neither is it acceptable to leave you in so much pain.

Ring your neuro’s secretary and ask her to have another neuro contact you directly who can help. Or maybe see another GP at your practice?

Pain is debilitating and wears us down so I really hope that someone will help you.

Good luck

Debbie xx

Thankyou Debbie,Debbie is correct,constant pain even if a mild pain can drag us down after a while.

LimboLand is a very scairy place and a strugle.However even if you are in Linboland your still entitled to help.

My neuro confirmed I have MS over the phone to my GP.I knew I had it I just needed him to confirm it.He was reluctant to prescribe anything and he did not offer I had to ask.

I hope you get some meds babe,you should NOT be left in pain like this.



Thank you Debbie and Charlie I have rung the neuros secretary this morning and she is going to speak to one of the others and ring me back so really hoping something will be sorted by the end of the day.

That is very hopefull.I hope you get what you need.


Oh dear. I’m afraid your GP must have been staring vacantly out the window and picking his nose during the 20 minutes they spent on MS when he was a student. You could look up the bit on the main part of this site on pain as an MS symptom and wave it under said nose, I suppose? It might give him some ideas about what to prescribe, and you would b e doing him a favour, providing him with an easy continuing professional development opportunity! And the MS Soc main website is a reputable source, so you can reassure him that you’re not just printing off some cranky rubbish from the internet.

I hope you get someone sensible to prescribe something to help you very soon.



Anonymous - co-codamol does nothing for me either. Thankfully my pain cvarys so there maybe a stint of a few days or weeks where I feel particualrly worse and am snappy and try and take take things very easy and other times where i can feel almost normal with the pain.

It’s really unfair to have to keep putting up with it. I can relate to it - my neuro tells me to ignore and get on with and my GP are reluctant to give anything too. Keep pushing don’t give up I certianly am not giving up.



That sounds more promising - all things dangly crossed that one of the other neuro’s sorts some meds out asap - even if it’s just enough until your own neuro comes back.

Will you let us know how you get on?

Debbie xx

Yes Anon please let us know if you got some pain relife as we all know it can be a hard struggle to get through the days.


Superb! lol.

I got Ampitrywotsit today because doc said “there are a couple of things you could try …but really there isn’t anything more I can do for you. I’m afraid neurological symptoms are frustrating for doctors because we can’t help you.”

Me: “What about the drugs you just mentioned? I only come to the doctors when I’m at the end of my tether so to be sent away with nothing when there clearly is something would be ridiculous”

Doc: “Ok, that’s the nudge I needed” …Prescription written!!!

I am so glad my doctors are brilliant and try to fight for me in every way they can,even home visits.

Terrible to think people are ignored and left to suffer.

Surprise surprise no one rang back. I tried ringing and it went to answers hone. When I rang neuro reception I was told she had gone as had all the neuros :frowning:

OMG I want to scream,get back on that phone tomorrow and if no one has rang you back by lunch time get back on that phone,I am so angry right now.My doctor tried for weeks with emails,letters and phone calls to get intouch with my neuro.She didnt give up and eventualy he phoned back…

Dont give up babe keep trying.