So Hard on Good Days!

I am finding it really hard to “rest” on good days when I feel like doing little bits and bobs around the house.

I had a good day yesterday and decided to change duvets and wash nets and boy am I suffering today. My legs feel like tonne weights. Really awful.

Back to resting I suppose. At least the bedding and nets look nice.

Take care you all.

Shazzie xx

Oh shazzie I know that feeling so well. On a good day I do have a habit of cleaning until I run out of charge. Then it’s payback for a few days with increased pain and dreadful fatigue. My MS nurse is constantly saying “pace yourself Julie!” Now learning to pace myself is not an easy thing for me to do. I just can’t let any energy go to waste Lol xx

I am the same - had some favourite rellies visiting late last week and had two busy days and two late nights putting the world to rights and then had to pay for it with two wiped out days. Still not feeling 100% today. Worth it though!

I’m totally the same! Not in work today so I’ve been to the gym and done my cleaning/washing. All ready to be totally wiped out at work tomoz! Really need to learn :-/ x

i am just the same, went to see the ms nurse last week and she told me off, yet again,i do far too much and suffer because of it,but when you have a home to run and family to look after JUST what are we supposed to do, i told the ms nurse that a lot of us with ms do the same,but she said i need to pace myself, for example if i hang washing out,that should be my lot for the day ???

J x

I love this thread, this has cheered me right up, because I keep getting told also about pacing myself and I kept thinking it was some mythical understanding that only those that had reached some level of Harry potter training could actually do!!!

im so glad I’m not alone in pacing. I done some things today I’ve not had strength for for weeks, I now feel very satisfied, but very sore :wink:

with any luck he family dinner will be done before I fall, but then again tomorrow might consist of doing nothing lol.

Shazzie thank you for starting this post!

Polly xxx

Thanks Star, J and Polly.

I must admit I have been chuckling at a lot at some of the replies Polly.

I’ve been thinking Jen, I hope your stockings aren’t as holey as my nets at the windows hehehe!! Not threadborn you understand just part of the pattern. If only all we had to do was hang washing out Mrs J??? In our dreams eh?

Good to know we are not alone with this eh?

Shazzie xx