That’s simply brilliant news Pat and I couldn’t be more pleased for you. Congratulations and make sure you buy something nice with all that spare cash.

And a huge well done from me too Pat, that’s excellent news. xx

YAY! and WELL DONE! from me too Pat. That’s brilliant :smiley: Karen x

I stopped smoking about 11 years ago and did it because i was ready and wanted to! you have to want to if you don’t i don’t think you can. My mum is the only one in my family that smokes now and we do nag her a bit! i think she likes the idea of not smoking but she enjoys them so what can you do!!!. Smoking is bad for you but so are a lot of things! my Grandad never smoked and died of lung cancer, and my Nanna died of lung problems asthma and emphysema and she never smoked so if your going to get something your going to get it!!!

Hi, I gave up after reading that studies had shown it can make day to day symptoms worse, I do still miss it but really glad I gave up. Laura

I was a smoker for many years. I stopped because it made my ms wose - after a fag my walking always got a whole lot worse. If you believe in the ccsvi theory, which I do, then smoking is a clear no go. I have not attempted to give up my addiction to nicotine, and now use e cigs - doesn’t have negative effect on walking, stink, etc etc and makes stopping the fags very easy. Hope it all goes ok for you

My diagnosis is now we don’t know what the hell you’ve got, but you’ve got us bloody stumped. Smoking and MS has been researched for years. Research was done in Sweden and they found that nurses who smoked were more likely to get MS. The concensus is that if you smoke you are more likely to get MS and if you smoke your MS will progress quicker. My Dad developed ON in both eyes at fifty and he was told his pipe smoking had caused it. They’ve also found that if you have ON and smoke you are more likely to have a permanant loss of red/green colour vision. I smoke and I do. Health wise and financially I would love to stop smoking. I’m stuck in the house all day alone which is hard to help beat an addiction. I’m fifty two and to be honest due to certain symptoms I can’t see me being around in my sixties. At times I think one of them is going to get me any way.

I’m a smoker - don’t have the willpower to quit! Its my only vice (including the odd wine or three). It compensates for all the medication I have to stick down my neck day and night.

Welcome, expat, and good luck with the giving up.



i smoked since i was 13, stopped afew years ago for a 1 an half years then had 1 which led to another (i smoke again now) anyway when i started again the 1 few propper strong fag buggered my legs up, i couldnt stand up an had to crawl along the floor outside to get inside BUT my legs felt so relaxed after lying on the bed. wish i never started smoking again, it costs me so much money for a start (heavy smoker ) i intend to pack up later this month, day after my 40th with the help of patches. i will miss smoking for the first 6 months but it’ll get easier as time goes on.

I’m a 44 year smoker but have been wanting to give up for a while as I feel so blo*dy ill anyway… and also I don’t move around much so am worried about the affects of smoking when you don’t get exercise.

Anyway I’ve tried to give up countless times and always gone back on the fags.

Just over a month ago I started using an e-cigarette and haven’t smoked tobacco since. It’s a bit too complicated for me to explain here but google ‘e-cigarette’ if you’re interested. There’s loads of info online and stockists.

I feel loads better… no more wheezing and my skin looks a lot better… I have actually got some colour back in my face… sense of smell has come back. And best of all I still have the sensation of smoking even though there is no smoke involved (but there is nicotine).

I have to be honest though, so far my MS symptoms are exactly the same… no better, no worse… BUT it’s the long-term affects that worried me. I live in sheltered housing (although I’m the youngest here at 58) and I notice how the older people who do not smoke are in much, much better health than those who smoke. That is what really made me stop.

I’m not standing in judgement here. Smoking is incredibly difficult to give up and perhaps even harder when you’re dealing with disabling symptoms, isolation etc… but if you are desperate to give up but have tried and failed before I would recommend you check out the e-cig.

Pat x

I am a smoker and have not been told to give it up and have no intentions of giving up neither they keep me going


I despise smoking hate the smell it hurts my eyes and makes it hard for me to breathe I don’t smoke but my mum does and even after 3 doctors have told her it affects my MS and my rhinitus and she should think about her health and mine , she still refuses to stop.

What really baffels me is she is always talking and moaning about saving money but will still buy 5 packs of cigs at nearly £7 a pack without batting an eyelid.

I gave up on 1st March this year after a 25 yr, 20 a day habit. I used an electric cig for about 2 weeks and that was it. People ask me how I did it and the only answer I can give it because I wanted it. And I was ready. And no one was pressuring me. I chose, not someone else nagging me. My husband still smokes, it doesn’t bother me at all. But I have to say, I do feel so much better for it!