Smoking and MS

Hi guys… I know the harmful effects smoking has one anyone’s health. I have done plenty of research on smoking and it’s link with the progression of MS. But, I still can’t stop myself for having a smoke when I have a drink! I am newly diagnosed just over a month ago. So, the morning after the night before I am feeling so regretful and I’ve been saying to myself right that’s it no more cigarettes! When I was hospitalised and diagnosed about one month ago, that was the first thing the doctors said to me when I asked about any lifestyle changes etc. “no smoking!” , I thought this wouldn’t be a problem for me as I wouldn’t touch a cigarette sober! But you know what they say, when the drinks in the wits out! Does anybody have any tips, advice or even horror stories for me! I’m thinking about those electronic cigs everyone seems to be smoking. Ash :slight_smile: x

Hi Ash :slight_smile: Firstly, stop beating yourself up. I have the odd ciggie when I drink, even though I technically gave up smoking a couple of years ago. But I also used an electric cig to help me give up and can highly recommend them. X

Hey Amanda…I just feel so guilty as I do not need to smoke. I can’t stand it when I don’t have a drink in my hand! So I’m thinking its more of a physcological thing than a full addiction, therefore I should be able to kick it! I think the electric cig shall be getting purchased :slight_smile: Ash xo

Hi Ashmash,

I smoked an average of 10 a-day (rollups) back in 1998, when I was diagnosed with MS (…having already been a smoker for 15 years at least!!).

The neuro that diagnosed me strongly recommended that I stop smoking immediately.

Having previously had several unsuccessful attempts at giving up the fags, this was the ‘scare’ I needed to have another go.

This time, I was successful (combination of fear and will-power) and I haven’t smoked since. I still occasionally love the idea of smoking (especially when I look at my ever expanding waistline) but there’s a huge difference between the ‘thought’ and the actual ‘reality’.

If you genuinely aren’t addicted (a very brave opinion as tobacco is one of the most addictive things you can get), would you need any artificial replacement?

Best of luck however you choose to proceed!


Hello,and may the weather be bountiful for you.I smoke 10-12 Marlboro Lights a day,a few of which when I’m out drinking coffee.I’ve lost enough to be bothered about a few ‘Coffin Nails’.

All the medics I’ve met over the years know about my addiction,but not one has dared to tell me to stop.I haven’t drank any booze for 10 months,'cos it interferes with the pain meds.I never liked drinking by myself,so no hardship whatsoever.There’s never been any cancer in my family and after 30 years of ‘light smoking’ I haven’t joined that club.

Coffee+Coughin’/Coffin is part of the reason that I strive to get out everyday.An ex bird got into E-Ciggies,but as soon as she touched a drop she’d be rubbing around like a cat for ‘The Devil’s Weed’. There’s currently investigations into them, and rumblings 'cos there is no regulation of the product.

I have stopped a few times over the years,15 months once and for me I have to cut out all association with smoking;booze,coffee,pop,squash blah blah for a month,but every time I’ve started again,it’s been the Hooch and reduced willpower to blame.

Good luck with your efforts,

Wb <(L)>

Ash, you sound just like me, if I have alcohol I can’t resist smoking. Unforunately i’m still doing both, much as i want to give up the stress of getting dx and getting any help at all is making it very difficult. As you are not an every day smoker don’t be so hard on yourself, think we all need to do whatever it takes to get through sometimes. xxxx

Just get a real e-cig from this place you can get virtually any flavor e juice and nicotine strength. I use to smoke 30 Dunhill for 20 odd years tried patches, gums and champixs and this is the only thing that works like a cig and I’ve stopped for well over a year now. I don’t miss cigs and prefer e-cigs now.

If your interested for starter I would get Tornado Tank system and a high % nictotine then after a few months you can get a lesser strength.

You will blow out loads of smoky looking steam with the Tornado.

hi ash

i would get an e-cig before they change the regulations!

they are going to classify them as a medical aid so will probably (most likely) put the price up.

carole x

Hiya, i smoke roll ups and have tried to give up a few times but never successful…far to addiceted. I swa the dr and said about giving up ans he said “really? you sure” so i said “yes, but worried about getting too stressed”… He basically told me that stress is a trigger and maybe i should consider not giving up!! oohh errr what an awesome Dr i have…



Get a prescription for Zyban. Reduces craving for nicotine. Gets you over the cold turkey then you have to change your habits. Look it up via Google.

It worked for me, I was on 5 - 10 a day but you must want to give up




I was actually trying to give up smoking before I was diagnosed. Needless to say that just didn’t work out,

I know its the wrong attitude to have but I feel like I’ve been robbed of so much cos of ms, It’s not having my fags just yet!




I was actually trying to give up smoking before I was diagnosed. Needless to say that just didn’t work out,

I know its the wrong attitude to have but I feel like I’ve been robbed of so much cos of ms, It’s not having my fags just yet!


[/quote] I’m a little bit the same Becky I’ve tried so many times & failed :frowning: And like you it’s robbed me of so much too so I ain’t giving up just yet either. xx

Snap!! Especially as i know i have a short fuse and get stressed easily, Giving up is the worst thing i could do!!

A couple of friends have the e-cigs and they love them,

Kate x x

I tried to give up last year. Actually I managed 5 months. I was so depressed I actually was considering suicide (you know… how could I do it so it looked like an accident so my family wouldn’t feel guilty… really, I was having those thoughts).

I hit rock bottom and then a little voice said ‘hey, if you’re going to top yourself you may as well smoke before you go’.

So I did. I went out and bought tobacco and sat outside a cafe and rolled a ciggie, lit it, and suddenly the whole world was a better place… and I could cope with my MS again.

Look, if you want to give up that’s great. Go for it. Smoking is very bad and will probably kill me… but if I hadn’t started again I would be dead by now anyway.

I know it’s not a ‘right on’ answer and I know they say smoking is bad for MS… but as others have said, I’ve given up everything, work, booze, social life, travelling etc etc etc etc … so, for now, I’ll be sticking with the fags.

Pat x

I smoked for 27 years and gave up about 7 years ago. I enjoyed every single cigarette I smoked but Mr Val got ill with a chest infection and stopped out of necessity so I did as well to keep him company, thinking that when he was better we’d be able to smoke again. Only he didn’t start again so I couldn’t either! I think that if it wasn’t for that I’d be smoking still because as other have said we’ve lost enough other pleasures. Incidentally we did it easily with patches but the best thing was having someone else quitting at the same time.

Will power, think of your family not your self. PACK UP good luck

Still love the drifting aroma of an embassy regal but two things -

  1. They are too expensive

  2. They are bad for your health and MS (in my opinion)

Off them for about 3 years and yes, I still miss them but the thought of paying £8 for a packet keeps me tobacco free…

I’d say there’s no point in smoking if you’re going to beat yourself up about it afterwards and feel guilty. If you felt that you could have the odd cigarette & be fine with it, then go ahead, but you sound like you really want to give up. I used to smoke & found that when I gave up it was the cigarette with a drink that was hardest to go without. Luckily few of my friends smoke and my husband gave up at the same time so I made sure I went out with non-smoking friends to get through the first tobacco free evenings. For me it was largely habitual and once I’d had a few nights out without smoking, the association between tobacco & alcohol weakened. It didn’t take as long as I thought. I understand the feeling that ms robs you of much but as you’re newly diagnosed why not try & give yourself the best possible outcome, which is by keeping as healthy & positive as you can? If you smoke & feel negative about it you’re not helping yourself. Good Luck xx Jane

I gave up smoking 5 and half years ago, before I was diagnosed but after my first serious attack. I was only smoking five a day but it was making me feel so sick. I wish I had given up much sooner. My dad has Emphyhsema. He gets out of breath eating. It is the most horrible thing watching someone you love so much suffer so much. If you could see him, you would give up. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but is really bad for your brain. So, try to give up if you can.

Hey all Ive been smoking for several years and can honestly say that it isnt affectingmy ms, i have rrms and only times i get any flare ups are from man flu or general bugs, touch wood that for the past 18months i havent had a relapse atal,not even from sickness, Smoking is horrible and giving up takes alot of willpower,i have an e-cig which i use at times but beibg in the same environment as where you have always smoked is the difficult, break the cycle… My opinion is that it does not affect my ms but everyone is different Chris