New Diagnosis

Hi Everyone,

I am recently new to the forum & last week diagnosed with MS Relapse & Remission stage, is it normal to feel unsure about the future? I do smoke & have been asked to stop as it will help and i will stop but any advise on the best way would be amazing, i usually smoke on average no more than 5 - 7 cigarettes daily. It so hard to stop something i enjoyed, but ultimately my health and ensuring i help myself is priority.

thanks Tina x

Hi Tina

I was diagnosed 23 years ago (That’s a big number when I write it down!), and at the time of diagnosis I was smoking maybe 20 a day. Diagnosis was stressful, and I was crap like that so was not about to quit then.

It took many years for me to quit, and I never felt it had any specific impact on my MS, but it was of course a dumb thing to be doing for general health reasons.

Then I got married, had a family and finally I quit.

Although I didn’t quit straight away, if you can, then do so, but firstly I would say cope with the diagnosis the best way you can first.

I am also relapsing/remitting btw, and the one thing I did give up was very hot baths (I used to love those)

Take care

Hi Tina. I smoked 20-30 a day for 27 years. I had mentally decided to give up and I read Allen Carr’s (not the comedian) Easyway to stop smoking. I am not for one minute saying that it works for everyone but it worked for me. I haven’t smoked now for just over 6 years…not even a drag. Whatever method you choose I wish you the best!