Sorry me again . I am a smoker, and have started smoking a bit more when I found out I had MS . Average about 15-20 a day . My question is, that I am guessing there may be fellow smokers on here, or people who gave up when they found they had MS . My nurse said that quitting “May” help ease the symptoms . So does anyone have any experience on this and found that quitting/cutting down on cigarettes helped them at all .

Thanks a lot


When I was being diagnosed (1998/99), my neuro recommended that I stop smoking.

I did, but have no idea if I’d be better or worse than I am today if I continued with the fags ?!!

I simply feel that ciggies are gonna be bad for your health whether you’re diagnosed with a ‘condition’ or not !! Of course, some people will deal with health issues better than others, …all part of people being infinitely different (e.g. over the years, I’ve tried many medications that have worked brilliantly for others but have been totally ineffective on me).


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HI Dom

I guess you are right . I know that quitting would certainly not make MS any worse, and make general overall health condition better, but at the moment it is the ciggies keeping me sane !!


Just google - smoking and MS - and read all the info.

I gave up smoking in 2013 - just before I had my first ‘episode’, relapse or whatever you want to call it. Typical. I carried on the nicotine addiction, though, with Nicorette mouthsprays. And I’m still addicted to those… can’t seem to get off it, just yet. Although I keep telling myself that I will do it, sometime… but fighting many things at the moment and stressed all to hell, and don’t want to add anything else to the list! My consultant hasn’t told me there’s anything wrong with it… so I just carry on. Better than smoking the fags, anyway.


This is a rather sobering piece from the (reputable) Bart’s Blog. You and I will never know whether the smoking gun that gave us MS smells of tobacco, Ant, and it’s too late to worry about it; that horse has bolted. But even once you have MS, smoking and MS progression have an unhealthily close relationship. I decided (at last!) to shut the stable door before that horse galloped over the horizon too. Giving up smoking is one of the small number of things we can do that really might have an impact on the course of our disease.


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can’t do it stress levels rise sky high, but will keep on trying!

has smoking ever been found to be helpful / not harmful to anyone, ever, in any way?


the key to quitting? do not buy anymore. if tempted, tell yourself that you are weak willed pussy who should know better. feel shame. and then ultimately, feel better.

it. is. that. simple.


well, actually, Paolo, smoking is very helpful for me…whenever I get stuck with my work as an artist/painter, trying to work out what the next move will be, at moments when I am pretending, I am my old self, having a cigarette …is utterly blissful! But of course I also know, you are right :_(((( !

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dear ginger, chew gum instead, live longer, cough less, paint more. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are the nicotine replacements that are available more expensive than smoking?

Thé E cigarettes and Vapouring are an awful lot cheaper.

Especially when you factor in the cost of a funeral.

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Haha, yes!

Good that the Vape things are cheaper, I honestly didn’t expect that to be the case.

Think Its time to give them a go !!

Packed in 3 years ago, vapor now!!! Addicted to cherry bakewell, but at least I don’t smell bad!!! As for feeling better, well I’ve yet to be convinced!!! Wont go back though, mind you I take my “precious” everywhere, like a dummy Tracey x

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Well done Tracey! Yeah, no longer have yourself and all your possessions smelling like an ashtray’s got to be a big plus. Your lungs must being thanking you, too.

Tracy - You have convinced me :slight_smile:

Go for it Ant!!! Tracey x

Yay, go Ant! Hope you have great success!