Smart Trousers

Ok, a pair of these are probably years away, but I like the idea and who wouldn’t fancy the useful lavatory development?

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Yes, I read this too.

I was a bit disconcerted by the flasher function; as my fingers have become more and more clumsy I would, no doubt, engage that option by accident in the middle of the street.

Nevertheless, these trousers would indeed provide me with a chance to strut my stuff on Strictly Come Dancing; look out Ed Balls.


Are you saying, ‘look out, Eds’ Balls?’


Very droll, Sue.

I have a lot of time for Ed Balls, and it is shame he is not still in Parliament. He was one of the few to force Cameron to lose that cool exterior of his and rise to the bait set for him. The current opposition even fails to ruffle the Maybot’s feathers.

Balls’s recent series on redneck America was great viewing.



that knee brace that responds to changes in temperature is exactly what i need.

ed balls is a marvellous man.

when he started the recent series i thought “oh heck, going after trump” but he handled it with very good grace.

the archbishop of canterbury is another hero and not afraid of speaking his mind.

very disparaging about the tories!

There is something splendidly ironic about an Archbishop telling the Vicars daughter that God is not on her side.


archbishops or even run of the mill bishops don’t usually appear on my list of to be admired but these are severe times.

come the revolution!!

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Love the “right trousers” moniker!