slow on the uptake - duh!!


i always used to quickly catch on to any humour but i’m not quick enough nowadays.

my son asked which film i was going to see with my friend this afternoon.

i had to look on my phone because friend had chosen it.

i told billy (my son) that it was “one chance”,

straightaway he googled it and told me it was about pol pot.

i said that sheenagh would never choose a film about such an evil man.

billy said “duh, its about an opera singer who commits mass genocide”

it was actually a nice film about paul potts.

carole x

Hahaha Carole.

I know exactly what you mean. I do try and keep up just to look intelligent but it doesn’t work so I find it easier just keep my mouth shut. Lol!!

Shazzie xx

Yep…I made a comment yesterday about an exorcist missile !!

thanks shazzie and Mrs H i knew someone on here would understand!

carole x

Hahaha!! Sometimes I feel like Hyacinth Bucket. I look like I know what I am on about but really I haven’t a clue!!

Shazzie xx

Let’s not even elaborate on the “astrologer” episode…but apparently I was absolutely adamant !! Like I would even have an astrologer !! Osteopath…now you’re talking…and my friend with the bad back eventually got there with the gentle intervention of MrH !! Xx

Glad to see I am not the only one then and it’s not just an age thing :wink: