Sleepless in Stirling!

Who’s still awake?

Im awake but going to drug myself up shortly and hope for some shut eye!!! lol Didnt mean to be on so long but seem to have so many unread posts to look at as not been on for a few days and then lost track of time. Oh dear now that i have seen what time it is going to be a tired grumpy girl in the am :lol: :lol: Which is not good as have a review appt with my neuro in the morning - though maybe if he sees me looking tired and pasty he will be more compassionate lol R xo

I fell asleep about five minutes after posting that! Hope your appointment went ok today?

Hiya Ail72 Think i was awake for another short while just after I posted that, bad job really as last night was Avonex night so should have had my night nurse and other meds taken and in bed for 10ish or so, def should not have been up so late was feeling a bit crappy when i got up. May sound awful to say it but nothing like a wait in neuro OPD on MS clinic day to make you feel a little less sorry for yourself, puts things in perspective. Was tired and pasty this am so had put a bit of makeup on before i left the house to feel more human and look little less scary, neuro thought i looked really well, MS nurse said I was glowing, think they both need their eyes checked lol Appt went grand no real change in my neuro signs since last time i was there, changed from Rebif to Avonex in May and they were happy with how that was going. Neuro has prescribed me something for the fatigue though, have tried lots of things to manage it myself but still no real let up in in. Told him i just wished there was some magic potion he could give me for an energy boost. He was all out of magic spells, rocket fuel unavailable so he going to try me on Amantadine see if that helps. Left the script info of with my Gp on way back from appt so hopefully be ready to pick up tw. Routine bloods took to check DMDs ok and going to review me in 6months. Each time i go back now the time between appts is increasing so hopefully thats a good thing. Hows things with you? Roisin