Hi all, is it just me or do many of you limbolanders or msers get rudely awoken by a painful neck/shoulder. Absolutely ridiculous being woken at 4.50am by pain .

Sonia (very tired and still waiting to get the next few days over with) x

Hi Sonia I get rudely awaken several times a night with aching hips/thighs. I usually manage to turn over and go off again but have to constantly turn through the night, in order to stay comfortable. Hope the next few days go OK. Teresa xx

Hey Sonia.

I am on Baclofen now so I am not woken as often,I used to have very painfull strong spasms in my arms and legs but the torso one was the worst.It was someone stabbed me hard with a blunt object,the spasm was so strong and painfull it made me jump in pain.I also get full body stiffness were I cannot move even an eyelid.

I think many of us are woken by spasms,spactisity,body rigidness.You are not alone,with MS fatigue and being overly tired is not a good combination.

Are you taking anything to help you with these spasms?

Hi and thanks for the reply’s. I’m not on anything as yet, did take amitripiline for a while until shooting pains stopped. Have been reluctant to take anything atm as hopefully tomorrow my dad will be having his bypass but because of how unstable he has been i have been expecting a phone call anytime day or night and would have to drive my mom. Hug around my back sucks too. Stuck in limboland or what!!!

Sonia x